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Used combine, Power rear wheel, duals

Fuel Type: Diesel, Height: 156, Weight: 35,150

Horsepower: 415
Width: 130 in


Superior harvesting capacity and grain quality The CR9000 Twin Rotor® combines, produced in Grand Island, NE, are the result of over 30 years of rotor technology and field experience. Year after year, the impressive grain quality and harvesting capacity of New Holland combines confirms the effectiveness of the Twin Rotor design. New Holland's two rotors deliver 36% to 40% higher centrifugal force than competitive-brand combines for more efficient threshing and separating, while proven systems for cleaning and gentle grain handling compound that incredible capacity. Introducing the largest combine in North America: The 523-hp New Holland CR9080 Twin Rotor® combine. CR9000 combines offer the largest feeding width compared to all rotary combines on the market. The wide feeding area matches the width of the twin rotors for maximum feeding efficiency and crop protection. Exclusive Twin Rotor design generates more centrifugal force than any other rotary design for faster separation, higher grain quality, and maximum capacity. SLS self-leveling cleaning system has the largest cleaning area in the industry. It boosts capacity on flat ground and continues to deliver ultimate cleaning on slopes up to 15%. Fuel-efficient, turbocharged, six-cylinder engines let you choose between unloading power boost or an increased power rise. The power curve can be selected by the operator. Harvest Suite™ cab features industry-leading 110 cubic feet of interior room and provides unrivaled visibility, control and comfort, as well as state-of-the-art IntelliView™ II and IntelliView™ Plus II color performance monitors. A fully integrated Precision Land Management (PLM) system is available. Easy servicing and adjustment, with no daily lubrication requirements, means you spend more time harvesting. Large grain tanks from 315 to 350 bushels with foldable extensions let you operate longer, unload less frequently. New membrane-type grain tank level sensors provide improved reliability. Grain tank covers are optional and can be controlled from the cab. Long unloading augers feature a new profile to provide an end discharge for an effective unloading length of 21 or 24 feet, making unloading easier with today's large headers. A fast 3.2 bu./sec. unloading speed on all models with engine boost improves your productivity. Complete residue management system allows you to spread and drop both chaff and straw with the flip of a lever. Chaff spreaders are now larger in diameter to enhance the spread pattern of chaff. The new width of spread is 30 feet or more. Fins on the rear spreadboard have been flattened to give wider spreading and a more even distribution of residue. Unique offset kingpin steering geometry allows more clearance to the frame and a sharper steering angle for impressive turning performance. New Holland headers are the perfect match for the high capacity of CR Twin Rotor combines. The 72C and 74C cutterbar headers are designed for maximum capacity and feature a 26-inch full finger auger for smooth, even feeding. The 76C windrow pick-up header is available in two designs to match your needs: SwathMaster™ and Rake-Up™. The 88C floating cutterbar draper header is ideal for in-ground harvesting. The 92C rice belt and 94C grain belt draper headers feature ultimate smooth feeding to enhance your combine performance. The 98C corn header features a unique low-profile point design to get under downed corn easily as well as automatic head height and lateral float (Terrain Tracer™). The 99C chopping corn header has two chopping knives for each row, ideal for residue management and no-till or minimum till farming. New! CR9080 Largest horsepower on the market. The New Holland Cursor 13 fuel-efficient, turbocharged, six-cylinder, 12.9-L engine delivers a steep power rise to make an unmatched 523 hp available for optimum productivity in the field. Largest threshing capacity. Two rotors are better than one. New Holland's exclusive Twin Rotor® design generates more centrifugal force than any other rotary combine for faster separation, higher grain quality, larger capacity and more even grain distribution on the cleaning system. Largest cleaning area. With 10,075 square inches of cleaning area and the SLS self-leveling cleaning system, the CR9080 delivers incredible cleaning efficiency on flat ground and continues to deliver ultimate cleaning capacity on slopes up to 15%. Largest cab. New Holland's state-of-the-art Harvest Suite™ cab features an industry-leading 110 cubic feet of interior room and provides unrivaled control and comfort. More high-performance CR9080 features: Fast 3.2 bu./sec. unloading rate saves valuable time. 21-ft. or 24-ft. unloading auger accommodates the largest headers. Best-in-class feeder/header reverser system allows you to operate the system in either forward or reverse, independent of the threshing unit, to feed slugs into the rotors in a controlled manner. ASP™ Advanced Stone Protection system uses sensors below the crop to detect and eject stones others miss. IntelliView™ II or IntelliView Plus II color display provides information at a glance. Fully integrated Precision Land Management yield mapping and auto guidance system is optional. Quick and easy header attachment system allows for fast changes. Easy service with no daily lubrication required. Standard remote adjustable sieves. Feeding Wide CR feed opening matches the width of the twin rotors for maximum feeding efficiency and crop protection. A unique "header/reverser" system allows the operator to "reverse out" slugs and slowly feed material back into the combine. Just disengage the header/feeder drive, and flip a rocker switch on the right-hand console. Then use the "+" and "-" buttons on the multi-function handle, also located on the right-hand console, to operate the feeder in reverse and forward directions. ASP™ advanced stone protection system is standard equipment and uses the latest electronic detection technology to protect Twin Rotor combines from costly stone damage. Sensors located below the crop detect and eject stones others miss-and never impede crop flow. The feeder stops automatically, the operator is notified, the ejection door opens and the rock is ejected. Simply raise the head and the door is pulled closed and latched. Extra-large stone ejection door has a positive latching system, eliminating false openings from uneven feeding. Simply reverse the feeder and raise the head to close the stone door. A stone deflector sled positioned between the feeder chains also comes down with the ejection door, deflecting any approaching stones to the ground. Easy one-lever, left-side head latching system provides safe, secure, fast head connection. No need to kneel on the ground! A hydraulic multi-coupler provides one-step quick connect and disconnect for all hydraulic functions. Twin Rotor® Design New Holland's patented Twin Rotor® design continues to be a marvel of simplicity and efficiency. It delivers greater capacity, less loss and clean, undamaged grain. Minimal adjustment and configuration changes are required for different crops and conditions. Twin rotors generate more centrifugal force than any other rotary design to get the grain out quickly for faster separation and maximum throughput. The faster separation virtually eliminates grain damage and loss. High level of grain-on-grain rubbing action releases grain quickly and gently-before it comes in contact with metal threshing components. This ensures gentle threshing with minimal damage and increased quality. "S3" rotors use separator bars that are staggered, segmented and spiraled to control the crop and move it evenly to eliminate bunching of material. Cleaning System The CR9000 self-leveling cleaning system (SLS) is the most efficient system you'll find anywhere, featuring a 68-inch grain pan along with a massive sieve area for superior capacity. The unique SLS is not just for hills. It provides unmatched cleaning capacity on flat ground and continues to deliver ultimate cleaning efficiency on slopes up to 15%. The New Holland grain pan is large with no dividers, and it's always kept level, so grain can stratify, spread out and separate easily. Competitive cleaning systems use augers, which actually serve to mix grain and chaff together, making it harder to separate and clean grain. The self-leveling system is very forgiving, allowing you to operate in many crops and conditions with miminal adjustments required. The entire cleaning system, including the fan, grain pan and sieves are kept level at all times, while the lower main frame follows the ground contours. Oscillating motion of the grain pan lifts and deposits grain repeatedly, stratifying it before it reaches the pre-cleaner sieve. The heavier free grain sifts to the bottom. When the grain and chaff reach the sieves, the grain falls through to the next level of cleaning while the lighter chaff is lifted to the top and blown away by the cleaning fan. Unthreshed grain (tailings) is re-threshed separately for maximum capacity. Remote adjustable sieves are now standard equipment for on-the-go changes to match crop conditions. Engine CR9000 combines feature hard-working, fuel-efficient, turbocharged power plants. These New Holland Cursor six-cylinder engines have a reserve of power to meet any challenges in the field without loss of threshing speed. CR9040: New Holland Cursor 9 SAE horsepower @ 2100 rpm: 322 Max. horsepower @ 2000 rpm: 372 Displacement: 9.0 liter CR9060: New Holland Cursor 9 SAE horsepower @ 2100 rpm: 360 Max. horsepower @ 2000 rpm: 415 Displacement: 9.0 liter CR9070: New Holland Cursor 10 SAE horsepower @ 2100 rpm: 420 Max. horsepower @ 2000 rpm: 463 Displacement: 10.3 liter CR9080: New Holland Cursor 13 SAE horsepower @ 2100 rpm: 483 Max. horsepower @ 2000 rpm: 523 Displacement: 12.9 liter Engine air cleaner canister draws fresher air from within the radiator and rotary screen compartment to lengthen engine air filter maintenance intervals and to provide the engine with the coolest air possible. Electronic engine management provides an option of steep power rise for hard threshing conditions or for power boost to maintain your productivity at all times-even when unloading on the go. The IntelliView™ II and optional IntelliView Plus II color touch screen displays monitor critical engine functions and immediately alert the operator to any difficulties. Large 200-gallon fuel tank (264-gallon on the CR9070 and CR9080) provides for a 16-hour day of operation. Harvest Suite™ Cab The New Holland Harvest Suite™ cab leads the industry in size and windshield area. It provides you with more comfort, more storage, better visibility and superior control. With a full 110 cubic feet of space, the Harvest Suite cab gives you more room than other combine cabs on the market-and we're talking about usable room in all directions, including headroom, space behind the seat and legroom. A huge, curved, tinted windshield provides an unrivaled view, and the longer New Holland feederhouse provides outstanding visibility of the head and the after-cut. Four rubber silencer blocks make this cab virtually vibration-free and the quietest on the market. Standard air suspension seat is fully adjustable to maximize your comfort. The steering column adjusts three ways to maximize your visibility and legroom A full-width instructional seat offers superb comfort and safety when training operators. Infinitely adjustable mounting arm allows you to place the IntelliView™ II or IntelliView Plus II display in a position that's perfect for you. Ample storage area includes space in the armrest and under both seats and a large compartment under the rear deck behind the seat. Standard automatic temperature control (ATC) cools and warms to keep the cab temperature just right for you. The IntelliView II color display provides a wealth of information at a glance. Soft key navigation allows you to easily customize the performance information on the seven-inch screen. You can monitor header height, rotor performance, sieve performance, grain loss, tailings, the self-leveling cleaning system and more. The system includes complete onboard diagnostics to track critical engine functions, alerting you immediately to any difficulties. Data logging capability can be achieved using a USB connection. The optional, fully-portable IntelliView Plus II color display features touch-screen navigation and a 10.4-inch diagonal screen. This monitor can be used with yield logging, yield mapping and the optional IntelliSteer™ auto guidance system. Right-hand control console gives you fingertip access to all cutting, feeding threshing, separating and cleaning system controls. A lever at the front of the console allows you to position the console to suit your needs perfectly. These remote adjustments can be made from the cab: Concave clearance Thresher speed Cleaning fan speed Auto reel speed offset Stone trap sensitivity Upper sieve opening Lower sieve opening Hydraulic deck plates (if header equipped) Feeder speed (optional) Programmable push-button crop settings allow you to move quickly from one crop to another. Electronic four-speed transmission makes shifting as easy as turning a dial. The convenient, in-line multi-function handle gives you fingertip control of the hydrostatic drive, header, reel, unloading auger swing and engagement, as well as an emergency stop control. A wide inspection window at the rear of the cab allows you to check grain tank level and grain quality at a glance. Best-in-class lighting package provides 360-degree, even illumination. There are six worklights mounted on the cab roof, eight more on the underside of the cab and, and two "row-finder" lights mounted to the mirror brackets. The "row-finder" lights illuminate when the head is raised at the end of the field, or when the engine is shut off and the operator exits the cab and closes the door. It stays on for 90 seconds-enough time for the operator to get to his truck. Standard rotating beacons aid in road transport and signal grain cart and truck drivers that the grain tank is full. Four optional rearview mirrors (two are heated) can be positioned electrically from inside the cab. Precision Land Management Precision Land Management (PLM) is fully integrated into the design of a CR9000 combine, with several systems available factory-installed. A yield monitor with moisture sensors is standard on all CR9000 combines. On-the-go Moisture Only Sensing The CR9000 moisture sensor is mounted in the clean grain elevator housing and constantly samples the grain, measures its electronic conductivity, and calculates and displays its moisture content on the IntelliView™ II monitor. On-the-go Yield and Moisture Sensing The exclusive, patented New Holland yield monitor uses a unique grain mass flow sensor to provide you with extremely accurate measurements on the go-without the need for frequent calibrations. The sensor plate is mounted in the top of the grain elevator and incorporates a pivoting device and counterweight, which keeps the system balanced when working on slopes and neutralizes the rubbing effect of different kinds of grain to guarantee a precise measurement. Unlike other yield measurement systems, there's no need to re-calibrate when you change crops. The New Holland system requires calibration only once per season. On-the-go Yield and Moisture Sensing with Data Logging The New Holland data logger is installed in the IntelliView Plus II monitor. There's no need for extra add-on boxes in the cab. On-the-go Yield and Moisture Sensing with DGPS Mapping The New Holland global positioning receiver with differential correction (DGPS) reports your precise geographic location as you harvest. It's capable of receiving both Coast Guard beacon differential and L-Band satellite differential for parallel tracking. Map It, Analyze It and Print It When you equip your CR9000 combine with a New Holland DGPS system, you can use the valuable field data you collect with the yield and moisture sensors to prepare yield maps and better understand yield variations. Yield and moisture readings are stored on a data card, which you can download into a personal computer. Using New Holland Precision Farming mapping software, the data can be viewed and thoroughly analyzed. IntelliSteer™ Auto Guidance Ready and Complete All CR9000 combines can be ordered with IntelliSteer™ auto guidance factory installed. (If required, the NH252 receiver/antenna has to be added.) IntelliSteer now incorporates more guidance functionality like straight A/B, curve, heading circles and spirals. WAAS, OmniSTAR VBS, OmniSTAR XP/ HP, and RTK Capability The new fully portable NH252 antenna receiver provides WAAS, OmniSTAR VBS, OmniSTAR XP/ HP, and RTK capability. (RTK requires software upgrade to the receiver and the addition of a radio receiver). WAAS: +/- 6 to 8 inch pass-to-pass +/- 3 feet year-to-year repeatable Omnistar VBS: +/- 6 to 8 inch pass-to-pass +/- 3 feet year-to-year repeatable Omnistar XP: +/- 3 to 5 inch pass-to-pass +/- 8 inch year-to-year repeatable Omnistar HP: +/- 2 to 4 inch pass-to-pass +/- 4 inch year-to-year repeatable RTK : +/- 1 inch pass-to-pass +/- 1 inch year-to-year repeatable Service & Support New Holland engineers make your life a little easier with easy servicing features. Lift a CR9000 formed-metal, double-walled "gull-wing" side shields, and they glide open effortlessly on gas struts for full service access. Platforms, steps and fold-away ladders are provided to help you easily reach all service areas. An under-shield light kit is standard equipment to provide added visibility in low-light conditions. The redesigned engine cover provides even easier engine access. A water detection sensor has been added on the water separator in the primary fuel filter. Toolbox and batteries are located where they can be reached easily from the ground. Large doors make it easy to access the rotors and concaves as well as the separator grates. Optional on-board air compressor allows you to clean areas of your machine no matter what your location. Grease interval is 50 hours minimum. All gear boxes have a sight glass for quick check. Top Service: 24/7 support provided by New Holland and New Holland dealers during the warranty period. Triple Check: Free winter inspection provided by New Holland and New Holland dealers during the first two seasons of use.

    Combine Size
    • Class 7
    • Glass area: 62.3 sq. ft. (5.8 sq. m)
    • Cab volume: 110 cu. ft. (3.12 m3.) Harvest Suite™
    Engine: New Holland Cursor
    • New Holland Cursor 9
    • Engine type: 6-cyl. Turbo diesel, air-to-air intercooled
    • Displacement: 549 cu. in. (9.0 l)
    • Max horsepower: 415 HP (310 kW)
    • SAE horsepower @ 2,100 rpm: 360 HP (268 kW)
    • Power rise / Power boost + Power rise: 50 HP / 25 HP + 25 HP (38 kW / 19 kW + 19 kW)
    • Fuel tank capacity: 200 gal. (750 l)
    Grain Tank Capacity
    • 315 bu. (11,100 l)
    • Hydrostatic, 4-speed gearbox
    • Length: 104 in. (2642mm)
    • Diameter at rasp bar: Two 17 in. (432mm)
    Self-Leveling Cleaning System
    • Standard
    • Cleaning system width: 52 in. (1321mm)
    • Total cleaning sieve under wind control area: 8,370 sq. in. (5.4 sq. m)
    • Grain pan and rake with no dividers: 3,540 sq. in. (2.3 sq. m)
    Head/Feeder Drive
    • Fixed / Variable
    Stone Protection
    • ASP™ electronic advanced stone protection
    Tailing System
    • Dual tailings processor
    Unloader Rate
    • 3.2 bu./sec. (112 l/sec.)
    Max. Height w/out Beacon
    • w/900/60 R32 drive tires: 155.5 in. (3.95m)
    Turning Radius
    • 173 in. (4.39m)
    • 148 in. (3.76m)
    • Approximate, with empty grain tank, w/out head: 35,150 lbs. (15,944 kg)
    Transport Width
    • 10 ft. 10 in. (3.3m)
    Combine Compatibility
    • Head Model / Type: 72C / Direct-cut rigid cutterbar auger 25 ft., 30 ft. (7.6m, 9.1m)
    • Head Model / Type: 74C / Direct-cut flex cutterbar auger 20, 25, 30, 35 ft. (6.1, 7.6, 9.1, 10.7m)
    • Head Model / Type: 76C / Windrow pickup 12, 14, 16 ft. (3.7, 4.3, 4.9m)
    • Head Model / Type: 88C / Floating cutterbar draper 30, 36, 42 ft. (9.1, 11.0, 12.8m)
    • Head Model / Type: 92C / Rice & soybean draper: 25 - 30 ft. (7.6 - 9.1m)
    • Head Model / Type: 94C / Grain draper 25, 30, 36, 40 ft. (7.6, 9.1, 11.0, 12.2m)
    • Head Model / Type: 98C / Corn 20 in. (50.8cm) row spacing, 12-row
    • Head Model / Type: 98C / Corn 22 in. (55.9cm) row spacing, 12-row
    • Head Model / Type: 98C / Corn 30 in. (76.2cm) row spacing, 6-row, 8-row and 12-row
    • Head Model / Type: 98C / Corn 36/38 in. (91.4/96.5cm) row spacing, 6-row and 8-row
    • Head Model / Type: 99C / Chopping corn head 30 in. (76.2cm) row spacing, 6-row, 8-row, 8-row folding, and 12-row



    6-cyl. Turbo diesel, air-to-air intercooled


    10 ft. 10 in. (3.3m)


    Base Weight
    35,150 lbs. (15,944 kg)